“Vehicle access route” into the Hamilton Model Aero Clubs “Reekers Flying Field”

As of Saturday 21st October 2017, HMAC’s vehicle access to our Reekers Field Flying site at 231 Collins will return to normal (ie, as indicated on the “Location” web tab above)

From Saturday 21st you will be able to use the normal access track at 231 Collins Road, as used prior to the bridge wash out back in April of this year.  As always, please keep your speed on the track under 30kph and give way to all farm activities, tractors and especially the Milk Tanker.

A very special “Thank You” to the management and farm staff at “Pengxin Farms” who have accommodated us with the use of an alternative access through the middle of their property and allowing us to continue to get to our Reekers flying site over the past 6 months, you people really are awesome. 

HMAC’s October 2017 Flight Lines Newsletter is now online

HMAC’s October 2017 Flight Lines Newsletter is now online and ready to read under the “Newsletters” Tab of our web page http://www.hamiltonmac.org.nz/.

Don’t miss our next Club Night Meeting which is scheduled for Wednesday 11th October at the Beerescourt Bowling Club Club Rooms, 68A Maeroa Road (behind the tennis pavilion). 7.30pm – 10pm

Club Night Topic: Buy, Sell & Swap night.  Bring along anything you want to sell or swap. Please ensure you have sufficient cash on hand to pay for your purchases as Club Officials will not be handling any money.


Report update: 14 August 2017

Thanks to all those that managed to make the “short notice” HMAC Working Bee at the Club Flying field on Sunday.  The worst of the holes in the runway caused by stock damage were filled and some grass seed sown. The runway has been rolled and hopefully it will get rolled again soon. So the field is now usable again for most Aircraft, although something with bigger wheels would be a wise option. Remember, we are still accessing the field via the neighboring farm track, so please exercise due care.


Report dated: 25 June 2017

Unfortunately, due to farm stock gaining access onto the Clubs Flying Field Runway over night this weekend, there has been considerable damage to the Runway Surface.

The field would currently be classed as un-flyable to any Aircraft requiring a smooth takeoff or landing surface.

You are still welcome to fly anything you consider appropriate, eg Glider, electric or hand launch models and possibly very light fun fly models. (Just something without wheels!)

We intend to have the field rolled and worked on as soon as possible, but this will be totally weather dependent. We will likely be calling on members help with a working Bee at some point as well. Look back here for future updates

HMAC Committee.


Temporary change of vehicle access route” into the Hamilton Model Aero Clubs “Reekers Flying Field”

Effective as of 14th March 2017 until further notice. Updated 15/10/2017

UPDATE 15/10/17:  As of 21st October 2017, this Notice will no longer be effective and our Vehicle Access will return to normal. Please refer to the “Location” web tab above and the “Vehicle Access” post above for further details.

This notice is to advise you of a “temporary change of vehicle access route” into the Hamilton Model Aero Clubs “Reekers Flying Field” on Collins Road Hamilton.

Due to serious damage caused by last weekend’s weather to the bridge part way along our usual access track, we are no longer able to access the field by that route.

We have been very fortunate to gain access through the neighbouring property until the issue is resolved. This could take some time though however.

Attached is a map of the alternative route to the field. Please treat this temporary access route with the utmost respect and be sure to give way to all farm vehicles and especially the Milk Tanker (drive into or back up into a gateway if necessary). Please keep your speed low, especially past the houses.

Please pass this message on to fellow club members if possible, to ensure everyone gets the message.

If you require further information, please contact a committee member or myself (Grant) directly.

Grant Mob 027-2737461, Gordon Mob 021-1252911, Chris Mob 022-3539231, Alan Mob 021-02593002

(Click map to enlarge for viewing)

HMAC Access Track