HMAC’s April 2018 Flight Lines Newsletter is now online

HMAC’s April 2018 Flight Lines Newsletter is now online and ready to read under the “Newsletters” Tab of our web page

Don’t miss our next Club Night Meeting which is scheduled for Wednesday 11th April at the Beerescourt Bowling Club Club Rooms, 68A Maeroa Road (behind the tennis pavilion). 7.30pm – 10pm

Club Night Topic: Bring along your favorite Workshop Tool. A show and tell evening for everyone to participate in where you can bring along your favorite Tool and tell us why it’s special. Maybe even bring along a tool that you consider is unique or different from the norm.


Reminder: HMAC SUBS ARE DUE BY 31st MARCH 2018.

See the “JOIN” tab on the Clubs web site for details of current fees, payment options etc.

Remember, you need to be joined up by 31st March in order to continue flying at MFNZ club sites and be covered by insurance.

“Vehicle access route” into the Hamilton Model Aero Clubs “Reekers Flying Field”

As of Saturday 21st October 2017, HMAC’s vehicle access to our Reekers Field Flying site at 231 Collins Rd returned to normal (ie, as indicated on the “Location” web tab above)

You are now able to use the normal access track at 231 Collins Road, as used prior to the bridge wash out back in April of this year.  As always, please keep your speed on the track under 30kph and give way to all farm activities, tractors and especially the Milk Tanker.

A very special “Thank You” to the management and farm staff at “Pengxin Farms” who have accommodated us with the use of an alternative access through the middle of their property and allowing us to continue to get to our Reekers flying site over the past 6 months, you people really are awesome. Also a huge thank you to Jan Reekers for organising all of this on our behalf 🙂