HMAC’s October 2018 Flight Lines Newsletter is online now

HMAC’s October 2018 Flight Lines Newsletter is now online and ready to read under the “Newsletters” Tab of our web page

Don’t miss our next Club Night Meeting which is scheduled for Wednesday 10th October at the Beerescourt Bowling Club Club Rooms, 68A Maeroa Road (behind the tennis pavilion). 7.30pm – 10pm

Club Night Topic: Buy, Sell and Swap night. (plus all the usual entertainment)

Now’s the time to rummage through your workshop and sort out that stuff that you just never think you will get to build, and all those bits and pieces that just don’t get use anymore. Bring it all along on the night so that hopefully someone else can be the proud new owner. If you don’t have anything to sell though, make sure you’ve got a pocketful of cash so you don’t miss out on those bargains on the tables. As in previous years, HMAC will not be handling any cash, so please make sure you bring sufficient money or a cheque book to cover any purchases you may make. Purchases and sales are strictly between you and the buyer or seller respectively. See you there with yours arm full.