HMAC’s JULY 2018 Flight Lines Newsletter is now online

HMAC’s July 2018 Flight Lines Newsletter is now online and ready to read under the “Newsletters” Tab of our web page

Don’t miss our next Club Night Meeting which is scheduled for Wednesday 11th July at the Beerescourt Bowling Club Club Rooms, 68A Maeroa Road (behind the tennis pavilion). 7.30pm – 10pm

Club Night Topic: Bring along parts of your current project or something of interest. Member participation is what will make this an interesting evening of show and tell.

You don’t have to bring your entire project (but you can if you want too).  Items such as a rudder, tailplane, wings, fuselages, retracts or other bits of the Project are always of interest. It doesn’t matter if they are half built, in fact that’s often when they provide the most interest.  Give us a short  talk about where you are up to and anything else of interest about the project.  Maybe even talk about the full size aircraft if it’s a scale like model you are building. Of course you can also bring along anything else of interest that may be related to a building project.