HMAC “Runway out of Action”

HMAC “Runway out of Action”
Report update: 19 July 2017

In relation to the field damage report below, the winter weather is still preventing us from taking any remedial action to repair the damage to the runway. We are geared up to have the runway rolled as soon as the surface dries sufficiently to cope with the heavy machinery required to do the job. But as it’s Peat soil, we have to take extra care and can’t rush into the job if it’s still wet. Keep looking back here for updates.


Report dated: 25 June 2017, Updated 8 July 2017

Unfortunately, due to farm stock gaining access onto the Clubs Flying Field Runway over night this weekend, there has been considerable damage to the Runway Surface.

The field would currently be classed as un-flyable to any Aircraft requiring a smooth takeoff or landing surface.

You are still welcome to fly anything you consider appropriate, eg Glider, electric or hand launch models and possibly very light fun fly models. (Just something without wheels!)

We intend to have the field rolled and worked on as soon as possible, but this will be totally weather dependent. We will likely be calling on members help with a working Bee at some point as well. Look back here for future updates


Unfortunately the weather has not been co-operative and we have not been able to make progress with any repair work due to the ground conditions being far too wet for Man or Machine. Fingers crossed  for some drying winds and sunshine, however at the moment we will just need to be patient and wait for a break in the weather.. 

HMAC Committee.


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