HMAC’s August 2019 Flight Lines Newsletter is now online

HMAC’s August 2019 Flight Lines Newsletter is now online and ready to read under the “Newsletters” Tab of our web page

Don’t miss our August Club Night Meeting which is scheduled for Wednesday 14th August at the Beerescourt Bowling Club Club Rooms, 68A Maeroa Road (behind the tennis pavilion). 7.30pm – 10pm

Club Night: HMAC’s up coming Club Night meeting is on 14th August at 7:30 pm and the Subject is ” The Great HMAC Annual Quiz Night”  The Quizmaster this year is none other than Frazer (Bogan) Briggs, so even if you cant answer the questions you know you will be in for a belly full of laughs throughout the evening. So put your aviation knowledge cap on and we will see you all there.